The ability to mimic nature …

Tooth x-rays are an essential procedure in high quality dental diagnostics. They are necessary because they provide insight into the health condition of parts of the oral cavity that are not visible during a clinical check-up.

As opposed to the analogue x-ray, digital x-rays are new technologies in radiology that create an excellent quality image with minimum radiation and significantly shorter exposure. This literally means that it is possible to make tens of digital images with less exposure to radiation as was previously the case with analogue x-rays, thus significantly increasing safety for both the client and for personnel.

In addition, this modern digital technology enables extreme precision, which is of significance for the diagnostician. Also, the images are immediate available on the screen, so no more time is lost in developing the images.

There are several types of x-rays for teeth and jaws. The most commonly used are orthopantomogram and intra-oral imaging of individual teeth.

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